Dealing with loss is never easy.  At Rennick Solicitors, our team of advisors conduct the affairs of your loved ones in a compassionate and respectful manner.  We understand that this is a time of great sensitivity.




When a person who has made a Will dies, the executor applies for a Grant of Probate. If they have no Will the next of kin applies for a Grant of Administration on Intestacy. Rennick Solicitors do the legal work in applying for the Grant of Probate / Grant of Administration on behalf of the estate.

The Grant is needed to deal with the assets, sell the property, distribute the money, and to give ownership to the beneficiaries.

Our experienced Probate solicitors have helped Clients save time and money.  We can:

  • see if a Grant of Probate / Grant of Administration Intestate is necessary
  • deal with all creditors and debtors of the deceased
  • contact the financial institutions
  • contact the beneficiaries
  • advise on any ways to reduce tax
  • apply for a Grant quickly
  • file Inheritance Tax returns with the Revenue Commissioners
  • apply for tax relief
  • sell any property
  • pay the bills
  • pay the beneficiaries

Our years of experience and our organised, systematic approach means our Probate solicitors can help you and your family at a difficult time with minimum fuss.  Because our probate solicitors deal with this type of work every day, you can be confident you are in good hands.

We also have experience in dealing with complicated estates, such as in the case of the following:

  • no close next of kin
  • death of young people
  • rights of residence
  • shared ownership with people other than spouse, eg parents / parents in law
  • shared mortgages with people other than spouse, eg children, parents, friends, siblings, in laws
  • disabled beneficiaries
  • foster children
  • step children and step marriages
  • non-married relationships
  • no death certificate has been granted yet due to circumstances of death
  • the executors / administrators are infirm and cannot travel to our offices
  • somebody died a very long time ago
  • beneficiaries want to set aside the Will
  • beneficiaries want to do a Deed of Family Arrangement
  • beneficiaries want to disclaim their inheritance
  • executors are not willing or not able to act
  • next of kin is not resident in Ireland
  • property is not in the name of the deceased, maybe in a spouse or a parent’s name
  • insolvent estates
  • a dispute arises between the family
  • missing or difficult to find beneficiaries
  • rival applications for Grants
  • a claim against the estate



We can help you with any disputes you or your family have about a Will or an Estate, including:

  • the right of a spouse to one-third of the estate under section 111 of the Succession Act, 1965
  • the right of a child to seek a share of the estate, under section 117 of the Succession Act, 1965
  • any claim being made against the deceased person’s estate
  • if there is an allegation of undue influence
  • if there is an allegation of unsound mind
  • the original Will is lost or damaged
  • the Will is not clear, or not in line with what the deceased said during their lifetime
  • or any other matter.


The above is not intended to be legal advice and should not be considered as such. If you or a loved one would like to speak to us about any of the issues mentioned above, please contact us here