Business Advisory

Are you Purchasing or Selling a Business?

Rennick Solicitors provide quality advice if you are Purchasing or Selling a Business.

We understand the factors that are important to the buyer or seller of a business vary from transaction to transaction. The common factors when selling or purchasing a business are often as follows:-

Changes in the personal circumstances of the buyer and the seller,
Dealing with a bank and a bank’s solicitors,
Liaising with your financial advisors to achieve tax efficiency and to ascertain the real position of the Company,
Risk reduction and risk elimination,
Ascertainment of price payable,
Good communication as to project milestones and time scales,
Overall costs.

Rennick Solicitors have many years and many transactions of experience in dealing with purchasing and selling businesses. We have bought and sold businesses for clients in retail, logistics, services, manufacturing and many other sectors in Meath, Dublin, Kildare and elsewhere.