Planning Your Legacy


At Rennick Solicitor we provide excellent Wills and Estate Planning advice and services.  It is important to ensure that you look after the details ensuring nothing is left to chance.  Estate Planning is planning for the future, in the most cost effective, tax efficient way.  It includes making a Will, and can also include doing an Enduring Power of Attorney and looking at a more efficient way of dealing with your property and assets while you are alive to enjoy them.


  • Estate Planning,
  • Making  a Will,
  • Enduring Power of Attorney,
  • Setting up a Trust Fund,
  • Taking out a Grant of Probate, or a Grant of Administration Intestate,
  • Transferring property, and
  • Applying to the Wards of Court Office.

We can either meet you at our offices conveniently located in Main Street, Dunboyne, County Meath.  There is ample free parking and its easily reachable from Meath, Dublin and Kildare.  Alternatively, we can call out to your home or meet you somewhere of your choosing if you are not in position to travel to us.  In addition we can progress matters by either speaking with you by telephone, e-mail or postal correspondence.  


Ward of Court EPA


Respondent (ie potential Ward) is the only person who has the right to object to application.  There is no statutory provision to allow relatives to object. 

Respondent nominates Notice Parties when completing the EPA.  These Notice Parties must be notified of the application for registration.

The Respondent has 7 days to object to the application.

The Donor and the Notice Parties all have 5 weeks to object to the application.

All monies are lodged in Court.  There is no choice re investments.


Court must give directions re property, assets, etc.


Courts consent required to get a general anaesthetic or to leave the jurisdiction.


Each Court involvement costs money.

The Attorneys can be allowed to decide where to invest the money.


Attorney’s powers can be fixed to business / financial affairs or specific assets.


Attorneys can be authorised to deal with all assets, and to make personal care decisions for you, including medical decisions.


You can direct that your Attorneys should consult with specified people.
Formal accounts must be filed every year in Court. No requirement for formal annual accounts (although a transaction statement should be maintained).

Court Order directs where the Ward lives; the Court’s consent is needed to move the Ward.

Attorneys can be authorised to decide where the Donor lives.

When the Ward dies, the Wardship must be dismissed.  The Ward’s Executor must have permission from the Court to start to deal with the Estate if the Wardship has not yet been dismissed.

No such restriction

Should I do an Enduring Power of Attorney “EPA”?

You can see that making an Enduring Power of Attorney makes more sense – it is cheaper, it gives your Attorneys the powers you want them to have, and you still get to have a say.


Best practice:-

1. Make a Will

2. Make an Enduring Power of Attorney

3. Live a healthy life and hope that neither are needed!


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