As a general rule, any transaction involving a lease is complicated and potentially involves a level of legal risk. Consequently,  good and thorough advice tends to cost more than for freehold conveyancing. This is an area where “cheap can cost you dearly”, as it is critical that any lawyer you instruct drafts, negotiates and reads the lease properly, and advises you thoroughly and in plain English. Having said this, experienced commercial lawyers, such as at Rennick Solicitors know what we are looking for and have precedents and procedures in place to save time and save you money. The types of issues which can cause problems in the short, medium or long term, on commercial leases include but are not limited to:

  • Appropriate length of lease/remaining terms 
  • Can the lease be renewed on expiry?
  • Requirements for personal guarantees at the beginning or on sale of lease
  • Rent reviews
  • Break clauses
  • Repairing covenants
  • Rent deposits
  • Service charges
  • VAT status
  • Planning uses
  • Dilapidations clauses
  • Landlords consents
  • General position at end of lease term
  • General pre-contract enquiries regarding the property