GDPR & Digital Law

With the introduction of GDPR, the obligations on business owners to properly manage personal data are more onerous and the risks more serious.  With fines of 4% on global turnover on companies who breach the Data Protection Rules the importance on ensuring compliance with Data Protection Laws and Regulations is clear.  The GDPR will in addition impose other burdens on businesses and companies including the need to ensure privacy policies are explained in clear and understandable language, a right to inform people when their data is hacked and a more prescriptive definition of 'consent' required from customers before their data is processed.  At Rennick Solicitors we have advised a number of clients on their GDPR readiness and provided them with bespoke policies and procedures to ensure compliance including Privacy Statements, Privacy Notices, Revised Contracts, Employee Contracts, Processing Agreements.  As an employer, you have Data Protection obligations both externally and internally to your  employees.  In addition, we will continue to provide support and in the event of a Data incident occuring we will be available immediately to advise and assist.  

Digital Law (which covers the growing area of technology law, cyber law and IT law) is an area of law encompassing all activities conducted online including Cyber Security, Cyber Crime, Websites, Social Media Networks and online surveillance. In essence, it governs what can and cannot be done digitally and online. 

GDPR Readiness and Digital Law are critical commercial governance issues and compliance to the relevant laws and standards is essential to both gaining and maintaining a commercial advantage.  

At Rennick Solicitors, we will provide Business Clients with bespoke GDPR and Digital Law solutions to some of the modern day digital complexities and problems.  We can advise you in the areas of: - 

  • GDPR Training and Readiness
  • Data Protection Gap Analysis and Risk Assessments
  • GDPR Policies and Advice
  • Data Breaches and/or Data Requests 
  • Data Transfer Advice (National and International)
  • Social Media & Internet Usage (Audit and Acceptable Usage policies for employees)
  • Cyber Crime  (Advice on Ransomware Attacks, Denial of Service Attacks)
  • Digital Breach Plan (legal, regulatory steps to be taken)
  • Digital Reputation Protection (protection, prevention and remedy)
  • Digital Footprints (Right to be Forgotten/ Right to be De-listed)
  • Commercial Contracts to deal with digital risk, protection and breach
  • Advice on surveillance (CCTV, Phone recording, online)
  • Requests or demands for information from State Agencies
  • Legal advice on hostile searches by State Agencies
  • Policies relating to online marketing, direct marketing and promotions
  • Assistance in gaining ISO 27001, 27002 accreditation relating to Information security.
  • Online Policies (cookie usage, terms & condition, advertisers/sponsors contracts)