Intellectual Property

Building up your commercial identity requires innovation. This originality can be in terms of product formulation or manufacturing technology. The packaging, labelling and promotion of the product or indeed the delivery of an idea also require creative thinking. Thus it is of critical importance for a business to protect its intellectual assets and such protection may require the service of an experienced intellectual property solicitor. A range of principles and regulations are available to an intellectual property solicitor in-order protect a company’s intellectual know-how and novel creations. These include laws relating to trademark protection, registered design rights, patented technology, copyright, and in some cases regulations to product formulation and process technology.  Intellectual property issues relating to a business often require a detailed understanding of manufacturing technologies and the market in which your business is competting . At Rennick Solicitors our team of intellectual property and copyright solicitors have a greater insight into the sensitive markets in which  companies must compete. This insight enables our team to understand the technical issues at hand, thus providing a superior service in the protection of a firm’s intellectual assets.

Companies compete by providing products which have properties not supplied by their competitors. The commercialisation of such products can involve a range of activities which give rise to intellectual property rights and are impacted by intellectual property law. Trade marks, logos, secret formulations, unique flavours, physical shape or illustrative packaging are used to establish a unique brand identity. Thus the means of production and marketing of a food product is based upon the intellectual creative and technical skills of the food manufacturer. Intellectual property law in terms of copyright can impact not only the label, its packaging, and advertising but also the shape of the product. Copyright solicitors can assist protecting a firms brand identity, and from imitation product which may infringe its intellectual property rights.  

As companies depend on these intellectual assets, it is imperative that they are in a position to protect these properties as they would any other property. At Rennick Solicitors we can provide intellectual property and copyright solicitors who can assist your firm in protecting its intellectual property rights. Intellectual property solicitors who can defend a company's rights relating to issues such as trade mark infringement, copyright law, confidential information, design protection, or other aspects of intellectual property law . Our intellectual property solicitors with a background  in law and the food business allows us greater insight into issues such as trade mark protection, misrepresentation, confidential information and design protection in terms of the food business. At  Rennick Food Lawyer our copyright solicitors can protect your firms copyright whether it applys to advertising, packaging, labelling, standard operating procedures, documentation or the unique shape of your food products.