What is the least money you should get for an hour’s work?

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A NEW GOVERNMENT body set up to advise on the appropriate rate of the national minimum wage is seeking submissions.

The Low Pay Commission was officially launched last month and has been spearheaded by Minister for Business and Employment, Ged Nash.

It is now looking for “the views of anyone with an interest in the minimum wage” to come forward as part of its public consultation process.

Minimum wage 

Currently the national minimum wage is set at €8.65 an hour.

The new commission will be examining changes in living costs and societal factors since it was last increased in 2011.

These include:

  • Changes in earnings since 2011. 
  • Rates of unemployment and employment. 
  • Changes in income distribution. 
  • Changes in exchange rates. 
  • How a change in minimum wage would impact on employment, the cost of living and national competitiveness. 

The commission is expected to report its findings by 15 July.

Speaking today, Minister for Business and Employment, Ged Nash, said:

I would encourage anyone who has an interest in low pay to make a submission to the Commission, but particularly workers who earn the minimum wage and employers who pay the minimum wage.

Potential changes 

Earlier in the year trade union, Siptu said that they wanted the minimum wage increased to what would be a ‘living wage’ of €11.45 an hour – a jump of €2.80.

The ‘living wage’ figure is supported by trade union UNITE who calculated that the figure would allow workers to earn what it views as a minimum of €446 a week.

The consultation will remain open until 17.00 on the 13 April. Submissions can be made to the group in writing.

Source: Journal.ie

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